Tears, smiles and thoughts

Dreaming of my beautiful sunlit meadow when poorlyness took hold

My little one who knows me so well offering gentle affection with her gaze

The wildflowers returned like they never left. Nature therapy.
A tragic and untimely farewell to my dearest writing companion 


Last week brought many things along amongst the beautiful arrival of summer time . . .  expected goodbyes and then unexpected farewells, peaceful thought provoking time coupled with poorlyness which would not allow enjoyment or relaxation, only pain and tears. Reflection and dreams taking shape and coming to life, doubts tangled with worry, muddled with uncertainty but then refreshed with belief and excitement. Planning, hopeful chats, sharing fears and then making it all better. 

A real mixture of a week . . .  yet I have surfaced from such a time with clarity, inspiration and above all a softly spoken peace which has eluded my grasp for a while now.

It might have been a week of bumpy rides, but at least I know I can sail the storms and as it stands now, I can see the lighthouse from my ship again . . .  I am not far away from the shore line . . . at last. 

' After a rainstorm, comes the rainbow'
Author Unknown


I hope your week has more ups than downs . . .


  1. I'm glad you went through everything and feel clarity afterwards! That's wonderful, I can't wait to see what your inspiration brings forward xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you SO much Diana Maria. It's always lovely to receive a kind comment from you. I appreciate it very much!
      Bestest wishes . . .


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