My Mental Health looks like . . .

~ Mental Health is Unique To Everyone Because We Are All Unique   

'Everyone's story matters'


My Social Anxiety looks like . . . sitting on the end of my bed staring into space while my mind goes over and over every social interaction the day has brought me.

My OCD looks like . . . struggling to leave my comfort zones until it feels right to do so. 

My Anxiety looks like . . . me asking for constant reassurance about how I should plan my day.


These are just a few little snippets through the open window of my mind. I have been well acquainted with Mental Health for most of my life, both as a sufferer and supporter to someone close who experiences a very severe psychotic mental illness. 

At first, I was terrified by all of it. Terrified of how my own mind was functioning - or not - as the case was, and terrified of watching someone you love lose their sense of reality and behave in ways that would unsettle even the calmest of souls. 

But as time passed, fear turns to accepting, accepting to greater understanding, until all you feel is compassion and a strong desire to fix it all and make it better. 

I think it's wonderful that people group together on Mental Health Awareness week. I think it's so special that people are now so aware and empathetic of the internal struggles many of us face on a daily basis. I think it's such a strong leap forward to acknowledge that Mental Health is just as important as our Physical Health.

It seems that the more sufferers and supporters stick together, the more we can hope and aim for better medical help, kind acceptance from those around us and best of all, a warming sense that no matter what we're going through, we are not alone . . . 


With love to everyone and anyone on Mental Health Awareness week Xxx


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