Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A simple slow living thought . . .


It's lovely to be greeted by a blank piece of paper to fill up with thoughts and ideas, dreams and questions. As bloggers, lovers of words and writers, I'm sure you'll agree? . . .

It doesn't matter if it's a pretty note book, with pages only for your eyes, or whether it's a grander scale blog post sharing a wonderful product or kind piece of advice - what matters is that it's for you. And it makes you feel just that little bit of magic at your finger tips.

I feel I have not tended enough to my pages here just recently. And, quite sadly so, my confidence has depleted as a result. I am very blessed to have found two things in life which act as my 'therapy' on days when worries become a little heavy, and fears outshine reality. But, yet, I have not made these therapeutic pastimes a priority. I call them pastimes. But really they are so much more than that. They are necessities. They bring inner calm. Self acceptance but most of all, self confidence, purpose and the all important happiness  . . . 

Embarking on a new chapter with my learning and aspirations has been at the front of my mind since the winter months, yet, I'd forgotten that it's okay to devote guilt free time to the things which bring me a quiet contentment and a joyful simplicity - they act as my fuel - and you can't trudge on without fuel! You'll just stop! This I fear is exactly what has happened!

Maybe you've experienced this too?

So, my 'gather myself together' plan is . . . to construct a weekly diary in which I create a little structure, a little learning time and time for the things which build me up . . . in a guiltless a way as possible!

With the long, bright evenings and cow parsley with blue bells filling every corner of the countryside just now, courage can so easily be restored, confidence ignited once more and dreams brought back into my area of control, so I can have the fullest of beliefs that I can , and will, make them happen. 

I've always naturally gravitated towards slow - living. My mind is sadly struggling to accept that 'slow and calm' is okay, but the more time I devote to the the things which are right for me, the more chance I have I'm sure of everything steadily falling into place. . . like it has so many times before.


With love 

I see a wish . . .

Nature always shows you the way home . . .
Life is even more beautiful when viewed above pony ears . . .


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Permission to be you ~

'Don't fit into a box ~ create your own' 

(Inspiration from Marianne Cantwell)


Some days become mountains too steep to climb. Our minds can build up a fog within making it very difficult to see where we are going.  Little parts of us slip into the self doubting territory and the questioning begins, the undermining of oneself, the lack of belief, soon it's a vortex of swirling and whirling overwhelming fear - and just like that we've forgotten all that makes us special. 

Such is being human. . . .

Growing up, my heart belonged to the countryside and my family - anything outside of that and I would crumble. I didn't fully understand then that I was living with an Anxiety Disorder which governed much of my mind and outlook on the big wide world. 

 As I took baby steps to build my life as a young adult, I found myself coming up against people who would try to change 'who I was'. It was quite painful to not be simply accepted just as me. I am all for encouragement and support in helping each other grow, but not judgment and 'pull yourself together' conversations. I'm sure you agree?

You see, I think people thrive better when allowed to just be who they are without question. We shouldn't need permission from others to simply be ourselves, we should give ourselves the permission . . .

I have been thinking about this a lot recently as I embark on trying to support myself and my ponies on my own terms. I want to learn and grow and improve, but I do not want to lose who I am or question myself as I go forth . . . 

Then it came to me. For my senior schools I was home educated. It was the most wonderful experience for me and I did indeed step out of 'trying to fit' in the school box, and instead 'created a box' that suited me.

It seems, I should apply this now I'm on a new adventure as a young woman in my late twenties. I mustn't forget how freeing it was to step away from school, to learn in my own way and to build a future embracing all the little parts that make up 'me' . . .  

I think if I remember this . . . then just maybe the self doubt will fade, courage will grow and confidence will stay intact as I navigate a new path for myself.

I hope you are able to do the same? 

Give yourself permission to just be yourself in every little area of your life. . . . 

It seems the more I dwell on this, the more I see small signs of encouragement pop up which say, 'You're on the right track'  . . . 

If I am, then you are too : )


With love for a positive Easter week ahead . . .

Monday, 10 April 2017

A picture diary of a country girl ~

Spring is for exploring and restoring 

Allow time for a little fun 

Make time for pausing and noticing the little things 

As long as a moment makes sense to you,
that's all that counts 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Chapter 4 ~ April


Soft blossoming trees


I'm not sure if I can truly say I'm able to harness the winds of change at present? I'm not that accomplished yet at sailing my ship . . . But I think I've settled into life after change better than I have before. Which is something good to head into April with. Do you think so . . . ?

As for the exciting new places??? Truthfully, my exciting new places may not be city breaks, beach holidays or exploring new countries - rather my exciting places happen to be on board my beautiful pony in a valley of rolling fields or beside my nephew, seeing the world through a child's eye's. Sipping hot coffee in pretty mugs in new coffee shops. Diving into self care books full off ideas and inspiring heartfelt knowledge! There is just as much adventure to be found here, in the smallest of places.


The month of sunlit evenings, blossom trees, warmer breezes and golden fields transforming the bare horizon is here at last. We're sailing into April . . . and best of all, Spring!

Sunlit ponies in the meadow

I hope April brings you lots of exciting and positive days.