Thursday, 30 March 2017

~ Bronte charms and awaiting April ~

Cosy writing moments

Inspiration and enchantment
Green leaves and sunlit trees
Bronte charms and country creativity


Ribbons, pastel shades, vintage floral patterns, delicate laced cards, touching quotes ~ what a beautiful collection for creating your own handmade cards this is  (above )  . . . .

It seems I will be writing and creating many little cards this coming April. Special loved ones birthdays, precious wedding anniversaries and then a little something to say I miss you.

Last April brought many joys. But then suddenly in the middle of the loveliness something tragic took place. I recall as if it were yesterday the moment my beautiful old pony fell to the ground. I held her soft head in my arms and within a couple of short hours, I had to say goodbye. 

This April feels the right time -  a year on - to create a little memory garden in our meadow. The flowers have already been lovingly planted by my friend. Now we just must wait and fill each day with the good things, for there are many joys to be felt and to cherish this April. I am certain of it. 

Daffodils have painted the meadow banks with their golden petals. The river side ducks have returned for nesting. The ponies are bright eyed at the taste and sight of spring grass tufts.  The mud is drying up, the nights are clear and open. The charms of country life are steadily returning. This season is all ready full of my favourite things, but as you can see by my photo moments, there are some home comforts bringing me a lot of hope and joy this spring too. 

Lets hope that April brings us all some good old fashioned charm, some Easter magic and a lot of good days through out . . . 


With love 

Viola touches in our meadow pots

7 o clock bright blue skies

See you soon April . . .

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Taking care of your mind ~

Swans on the pond are a lovely spring sight 

Soft, fluffy, twitching pony ears 

Jam jars with daffodil bunches 

A quiet moment with a few helpful hints on self care 

My favourite things often involve quiet moments. It may be simply watching my horses, sitting down with a collection of lovely inspiring books around me, country side time, family chats - these special things to me all act as a recharge and re set for the anxious mind I carry around.

I feel a little frazzled and fraught when rushed or hurried, but I am learning to play to my strengths which are being methodical and taking care on a task or project. Devoting lengthy thought out time to what I am doing serves me best!

Some people are wonderfully efficient and excellent time managers - me - not so much! I once tried to fit myself in the box of being a multi tasking whizz, getting everything done at breathtaking super girl speed - unfortunately in trying to change how my mind naturally operated,  I ended up working against myself and getting things horribly wrong - this in turn caused a huge rush of mental anxiety - sending my OCD tendencies for checking into a panicked over drive!! Help! This also depletes confidence in oneself! Not good!

What I've noticed is that this anxious state happens regularly now, whenever my energy rises to a more hurried state. The thoughts kick in and any normal functioning is greatly impaired!

I become ruled by my anxious mind set and it takes a long time to settle it all down again . . . But I am getting better at this!

What does help is remembering to save time for those lovely quiet moments mentioned above. A little 'brain rest' as a good friend calls it. A little time put by to take care of your mind - for it to needs TLC!

Giving your tired mind that much needed recharge, will make all those anxious moments feel calmly controlled and more manageable should they pop up at any time 

. . . Take good care of  'you' . . .

With love x

Ps: This post did pop up earlier and then somehow disappeared!! I do apologise. That's what happens when I dart out the door with a saddle in my arms to go riding - frazzled ness! ;  )

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A little note on dreams and goals


Everyone has their own worries, fears, dreams and hopes within them. They are unique to us and precious. Yet, so often we're afraid to bring those ideals we hold dear to the surface, incase that very special plan of ours becomes crushed once exposed to the world. 

Not everyone is encouraged to follow their dreams. They are told it is unrealistic and fanciful. And worst of all, not real life. 

Life has many frightening paths, which at some point in our lives we all walk down before getting safely to the other side, after a few scary life lessons along the way. But just because life has it's tragedies, its sorrows, it's everyday mundane routines like bill paying and appointments - it doesn't mean we should forget our dreams and those little sparkles within that bring light to our day.

Surely life needs a little more dreaming and a little more hope, and a lot more light to be let in amongst the normal and the usual. 

The world is full of people that had a dream and made it happen. It takes courage, determination but most of all, dedication through the trials and errors. It may not happen over night. It may not happen for many years. But dreams can become your reality if you don't give up on them.

The wonderful thing is as you grow, learn, change - your dreams often do too.  They evolve and grow stronger and more complex in colour, or they dissolve into something else altogether. As long as you acknowledge they're there, they will keep shining and sharing with you what is right in your life and what is wrong. They act as a good guide, encouraging you towards the path that's meant for you.
It's worth noting they're there, ready to bring them to life when the time is right. 

Dreams can be anything from the lavish to the quiet everyday hopes. I am talking about the kind of dreams that bring happiness, joy and quality to our lives and others. 

Wining the lottery may seem a far fetched dream to have, and one that you have very little power over - but if you dig that dream up and expose it to the sun, you may just find that what you actually want is 'financial stability, freedom to do what you want, no more of the 9 - 5' 

So, with a little hard work, and the courage to change,  you can set about making that dream a possibility by looking at what matters most to you. What could you do without so you could maybe work part time? What skills do you have which may enable you to change careers and not be tied down? What lovely things would you like to bring into your life to have more excitement, fun and postivity in your day . . . it's all so do able and it's all achievable. It's all very possible, with a big dose of self belief, soul searching and commitment to a helping of hard work in the early stages.

It's all about recognizing that you have a choice. This is so easily forgotten when we've been walking a certain path for such a long time. We can become settled and often a little bit stuck. But, we do have a choice and we do have a voice, and there are many good souls who are happy to encourage us forwards when we don't believe that we are capable of those happy, hopeful things.

Dreams are not unrealistic - they are a part of life worth devoting as much time as we can spare to - because from them good things will surely grow . . . having dreams always makes life's tragedies so much more bearable, they are a light in the dark and a comfort in the tough moments.

Keep tightly hold of yours . . . and see what happens . . . I did : )

With love