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Living slowly ~

Amongst the wild flowers on an evening in the meadow. All is calm. All is still. 
Slow is the only way here. Living slowly,  mindfully and peacefully. 
Notice the birds songs and the occasional butterfly which lands by your side. 
Listen to the breeze gently tugging at the tree leaves. A pony swishes it's tail. Stamps a hoof and sighs.
Before long, the Robin appears in his cheerful way, watching you curiously with his turned head and tiny brown eyes. 
It's a simple life. A quiet life. It's a life I've tried for many years to make my reality.  Now it's here,  I am going to hang on to it with all my might. 

~ With love ~  Don't forget your dream, take care of it. 

Adventuring ~ Chapter 8 ~ August

~ Five thoughts for August ~
1. A new fresh and updated blog look for new adventures is always exciting!
2. I never thought I'd reach the moment where I could actually start my own business - remember slow and steady does it and have courage! 
3. Always make time for the things that make you come alive inside, even if it's a simple quiet moment with a coffee in cold hands.
4. It doesn't matter if you're a bit different from everyone else. Only you can walk your path in the way that's right for you. 
5. It's definitely not about waiting for the storm to pass - it's definitely about learning to dance in the rain - even if it is August turned Autumn! 

~ With love  ~

High above the chimney tops ~

Five steps to . . .

~ looking up ~

* Things become much clearer if you take a moment to simply look up at the sky for a while. Dreamy and fanciful it may sound, but there is something grounding and humbling about gazing above. 
* No matter how bleak things may feel, there is always someone, somewhere, who will scoop you up and help put you back together again. 
* Keep a dream in your pocket. Let it inspire you each day to work and strive to bring it out into the light. Your dream holds so much power. Don't let it's spark go out. 
* Be gentle on yourself as a rule, always. 
* Have a little faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in everything working out for the better. And Faith that there is a good chance that there is something above, always watching out for you.

Apply these all together and see what happens!
. . .

Such little sweet joys

~ Slow evening river walks and sun touched wind swept hair ~ 
 ~ Floral pink cake to eat in the cooling summer air ~
~ Soft pony kisses ~ Manes flowing as we fly ~ sitting, watching tiny birds land next to you and I ~ 
~ Talking of our lovely plans. Taking each moment in our stride ~
~ So life's little joys, will never pass us by ~

With love for your weekend! 



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Simply because . . .

Simply because, if something is special to you, it's worth celebrating . . .  Simply because, if you give yourself a chance, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve . . . And, Simply because, life is supposed to be filled with more good than bad, more ups than downs, and more happiness than sadness . . .  Simply because, you matter! 

Awaiting the storm to pass

When poorly ness takes hold, do try not to fight it. Try not to force yourself to be better than you're ready to be. Simply be gentle. Breath calmly. Accept. And just hang on and wait for the storm to pass . .   It always will. 
Above is a little reminder, if illness takes hold from someone very loving and wise . . . 
I have come to know migraines very well. I can't help but think it's my mind and bodies way of saying 'please listen' . . . From now on I'm going to try and follow the gentle, kind advice of caring others, I must trust that it is safe to do so. I don't have to work to please anyone anymore, I'm designing the life I love and the people in it now are helping me sketch it to be one of comfort, resurrance and happiness. 
Time to let go . . . Hopefully as I do the anxiety migraines will too . . . 
Just awaiting now my internal storm to steadily pass . . . 


Much love to everyone for a weekend of wellness and summer moments . . . 

Chapter 7 ~ July and holding the reins to change ~


Writing by heart

I'm sure many blog readers, writers, creatives, book lovers out there would agree with me if I said, ' Isn't it lovely having something of your very own, to throw your thoughts down on and splash with every colour of your life . . .' 
I of course mean blogging! When I stumbled across this intricate, warm and accepting world of writing and creating I didn't really expect to have a go at joining in. I really wanted to. But part of me lacked courage and the other part, know - how!! 
One whole year (and a bit) in, and I'm doing it. I'm writing and keeping a blog that I've made and designed in an image that feels 'homey' and 'true to me' and it's real. It's out there. And it's such a special part of my life. 
There are many reasons it's become special to me . . . I've always loved writing and to discover this kind of outlet was a wonderful thing . . . but I think one of the main reasons it's struck such a chord with …

Tears, smiles and thoughts

Last week brought many things along amongst the beautiful arrival of summer time . . .  expected goodbyes and then unexpected farewells, peaceful thought provoking time coupled with poorlyness which would not allow enjoyment or relaxation, only pain and tears. Reflection and dreams taking shape and coming to life, doubts tangled with worry, muddled with uncertainty but then refreshed with belief and excitement. Planning, hopeful chats, sharing fears and then making it all better. 
A real mixture of a week . . .  yet I have surfaced from such a time with clarity, inspiration and above all a softly spoken peace which has eluded my grasp for a while now.
It might have been a week of bumpy rides, but at least I know I can sail the storms and as it stands now, I can see the lighthouse from my ship again . . .  I am not far away from the shore line . . . at last. 

' After a rainstorm, comes the rainbow' Author Unknown

I hope your week has more ups than downs . . .

Forget me not . . .

Dear Blog,
I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten you. I'm still here, checking in and although your pages have remained empty a lot longer than usual just recently, I hope you know I am close by still and will begin writing again very soon . . . 
There is a lot to share, in meadow and milly life and a lot of undiscovered inspirations to blossom too.
But for now dear blog, thank you for waiting so patiently. I hope the photos will colour your pages so as not to leave you too bare for too long. 
Your devoted writer, Milly x 

Chapter 6 ~ Our dear June

Dear June,
You've arrived so quickly this year. I am not sure many of us have truly caught our breath just yet. My, how fast the days roll into each other. Yet, I know I am very glad to see you and I'm hopeful a batch of lovely things are in store for all of us.
If you could chase those over hanging clouds away and let some beautiful sunlight in, to warm our fearful faces and soften our nervous hearts in the midst of the anxious times we find ourselves in just now, then I know we would all be so grateful.
The sunshine does brighten our spirits. Everything is more radiant in the sunlight and together we will stick together, with a quiet strength, smiling on, even if inside we're shaking.
A sunny disposition does not mean forgetting or ignoring sadness or worry - rather it means to carry on positively, giving each day our best shot at making it a little more special and worthwhile than the last.

Lets open the gate to summer and let her in . . . .

With love


Moments amongst the blossom trees


In a world that can feel unstable, the meadow is a small, safe haven engulfed in rising cow parsley and hedge rows strewn with pink blossoms.

The wild flowers have reared their smiling faces and each morning as I climb the gate to tend to my horses, the wilderness of green has something new to discover within it.

In all honesty, I am a little lost anywhere else but the meadow where my beloved horses live. The rural bliss I call my second home and devote so much energy to each day, may just look like a couple of acres of earth to some, but to me it's a sanctuary. A place of my very own. I make the rules and plans whilst tending to the care and growth of everything within inside the fence. The little stable over looking the river is my office and amongst essential horse care products and gadgets, I have always enjoyed filling it with the touches that resemble a happy and comfortable home.

In an unsettled world it's lovely to have somewhere to go, which is one step out of …

A week of rainfall

A week of dreaming and planning, and dusting oneself off from worries and doubts. A week of steady paces, quiet comtemplation and discovering what works and what doesn't. A week of reflection and remembering that to grow is good, but to fit into the wrong box is not. A week of trusting that no matter what comes, there will always be something encouraging around the corner if we just have the confidence to look out for it, and listen to ourselves . . .
What has your week looked like? 


My Mental Health looks like . . .

'Everyone's story matters'

My Social Anxiety looks like . . . sitting on the end of my bed staring into space while my mind goes over and over every social interaction the day has brought me.
My OCD looks like . . . struggling to leave my comfort zones until it feels right to do so. 
My Anxiety looks like . . . me asking for constant reassurance about how I should plan my day.
These are just a few little snippets through the open window of my mind. I have been well acquainted with Mental Health for most of my life, both as a sufferer and supporter to someone close who experiences a very severe psychotic mental illness. 
At first, I was terrified by all of it. Terrified of how my own mind was functioning - or not - as the case was, and terrified of watching someone you love lose their sense of reality and behave in ways that would unsettle even the calmest of souls. 
But as time passed, fear turns to accepting, accepting to greater understanding, until all you feel is c…