Monday, 24 October 2016

Bloggers Recognition Award!!!

I was so touched to find that Jemima from Another Ranting Reader
had so kindly popped my blog down as a nominee. Thank you so much!

Little things like this are very exciting I think you'd agree because as a new blogger, navigating through the ins and outs of this wonderful hobby, lifestyle, passion and community, it's even more encouraging when you get a lovely surprise such as this small pat on the head. I don't have a huge audience, this is just a very small scale space, but it is still more than I expected starting out.

It seems there are a few rules to abide by with this award -
 in which I hope I get correct and do justice to.

Firstly ...

Say thank you and acknowledge the blogger who nominated you :

Dear Jemima, please see above! Huge thanks to you for choosing my blog and me. It means so much. I would highly recommend anyone who stops by, to take a look at
Please do. It's a lovely place.

Secondly ... 

 Offer a small story about how you began blogging :

I have two blog creations that I first pressed publish on in January of this year.
Keep Calm and Start Writing - began when I needed to do exactly that! Cutting a long story short, I was working one day, feeling desperately fraught with worries, when I saw a Zoella article gleaming up at me from a newspaper. From here I fell head over heels for this world of writing/blogging that I never knew existed. ( I was a late arrival to this wonderful world) I've always adored writing, and to create a place where I can tap away on the keyboard and fill up a page with my thoughts and pictures is just very lovely in every way. My hope is to one day be a Children's book author, and write

My other blog is . . .

Bridie's meadow of Mindfulness with Horses

It is all about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy - I focus on my love of horses and the need for a little emotional healing after a tough time with my mental health. It is my discoveries and thoughts and offers a few helpful tips along the way to anyone who may need a little boost.

Thirdly ...
 Two Tips for Newbie Bloggers:

1) I'd have to say, just be true to yourself. Write what you feel and what matters to you. First and foremost, blogging should be a fun, positive and creative outlet that makes you feel good about who you are and the way you see the world.

2) Enjoy discovering bloggers, learning from others, exploring their worlds and admire fellow writers without comparing yourself to them. Learn from and enjoy this world of writing!

Lastly ... very importantly!

Nominate 15 favourite bloggers of your own and share them:

( This worried me because I did not want to leave anyone out! )

 I want to celebrate the blogs that I love and not miss anyone along the way - I hope you enjoy these lovely bloggers spaces as much as I do - Please know if I have missed someone, it's not because I don't love your work, because I really do . . . My Best wishes go to everyone! Apologies if you have already been nominated before - I am new to this!

1) More Mindful You 
2)Fashion Blogger Stacie  
3) Floral and feather 
4)Country Bumble 
5) The Tea Drinking English Rose 
6)A Cup of Creative 
7) Snug  
8)A Soulful Life
9) Sailboat 
10)Rainbow - Rose Blossom 
11)Sweet Passions 
12)Wooden Windowsills  
13)Finding Hope  
14)Blogging for Sanity 
15Carina Vardie 


Please could I just say that there are SO many more blogs and bloggers I adore - every one has something worthwhile to say - so please do trust that!

Thank you all!

. . .
Happy Blogging Xx

' Milly '  

These are some extra lovely blogs I love dipping into . . .

I just had to share them here too  . . .

Bye for now!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Autumn photo diary of a country girl

An early morning autumnal sun lit ride

Hot coffee in cold hands beside the meadow river

A peaceful moment amongst the last of the green leaves

Scrunching through crunchy fallen leaves in muddy boots

Watching contented ponies through the bare trees

I am an advocate of saving time for the little moments that restore calm and happiness.
The countryside has a way of encouraging this I always find.


I think Autumn may be my favourite season . . .

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Do what makes your soul happy


Sharing my life with horses was always a childhood dream of mine. I think that is why the quote 
' A pony is a childhood dream - A horse is an adult treasure '  is so special to me....because it's very much true! 


 ' My three reasons for why horses and horse riding are good for the soul . . . '

1) Horses and ponies are highly sensitive creatures, capable of reading and registering our emotions, often more effectively than we do ourselves. This is a wonderful lesson in how to be more mindful and empathetic about how we're feeling. It's a certainty you will feel calmer having spent even just five minutes in the company of a horse. They see everything, but never judge. 

2) Being out in the countryside with fresh air circulating through your lungs, the breeze in your hair and natural beauty all around you is always sure to lift your spirits. Breathing all this in on board a horse is even more uplifting, as riding requires you to be in the moment, totally connected to what you're asking of your horse so they can comfortably understand you. This is a precious partnership that teaches you to trust yourself. 

3) Horse-riding boosts your independence and bravery - which is such a positive confidence giver! You'll discover as your horse looks to you for where to go, what to do, and whether it's safe, that you possess leadership skills within that you never knew you had!

With Love 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Mental Health Message


World Mental Health Day I'm sure has a small meaning to some, and a bigger, deeper meaning to others. Mental health struggles surround us all, sadly, just as Cancer does. 

Both of these illnesses I have been acquainted with - which means my family and friends have too. So you see, we're all connected somehow. These painful battles have touched all of our lives. How comforting it is to see people group together and say a simple 'me too'.  

There is such power and strength in that.

 Mental Health does need to be addressed and spoken about with compassion and non-judgment, because like any illness, it is terrifying. Whether you are going through it yourself, or watching a loved one experience it, there is no escaping how upsetting and out of control it leaves you feeling. To know that other people understand, can instantly reduce that fear, even if it's short lived. It can centre a fragile mind and lessen the fear that you're going through it alone -  which in turn offers Hope

We all need a little bit of hope, I think you'd agree. 

I have touched on Mental Health on both of my blogs. There are a few posts dotted about. It is after all, the very reason I began writing and creating on some internet pages of my very own at the start of the year! 

For a long time I felt very ashamed, guilty and to be perfectly honest like a fraud . . . when my trip to the doctor became very serious, as I sat with my wonderful mum beside me, my grasp on reality and imagined disaster extremely hazy, desperately trying to relay my feelings and speak up about the state my frazzled mind was in. - I still felt so overwhelmingly like I was letting everyone around me down. 

It turned out my lovely doctor didn't need me to speak at all. It had reached the point where she could see my struggle all too clearly. I couldn't hide and try to manage it any longer. She compassionately, with immediate effect handed me a long term sick note, and some much needed medication to calm everything down. I was experiencing a breakdown and clinical Anxiety/Depression overload. I had left my job earlier that evening to make it to the doctors for some much needed support - this was encouraged and warmly nurtured by my mum, who had taken the reins from my hands when I was unable to hold them solidly myself.  Often those special people close to us see what's happening better than we do ourselves. It's wise to trust them. 

My job entailed a lot of responsibility, I often had sole charge. That evening, ( as I closed everything down for the night as usual to hurry to the doctor ) no matter how hard I tried, I stood for over half an hour, frozen, unable to move from staring at a locked door for fear I had not locked it at all! I was paralysed in that moment. And I could not move away - until it felt right to do so.

It sounds so absurd to read. But the mind when troubled and frightened does peculiar things in a bid to protect us - our minds do not want to make us poorly - but sometimes, wires gets crossed and our thought process becomes distorted - our emotions quieten down, or grow louder, or disappear all together. Our sense of reality alters itself, who we are loses focus, distressing imagery fills our minds, decision making becomes impossible - your brain shuts down normal functioning. 

Healing with the help of animals ~

To anyone who does not understand mental health, or chooses not to believe someone's struggle, I hope some compassion fuels you to empathise with what it is like to have your brain not working properly. Relaying mixed messages, jumbled up emotions, an overwhelming sense of dread and doom.Or nothing at all. Numbness. Disconnection. 

Depression does not mean you are ungrateful for the life or loved ones you have. It means your brain is unable to connect you to any of it. Anxiety isn't something you can cure by 'just getting on with it' it is an overriding emotion that prevents you from clarity and confidence to handle a situation, person, and even yourself. 

I hope anyone who may click on my blog and read this today, can trust that there is HOPE to be found. In life, in people and in yourself. You're going to make it. Please do not belittle who you are. I had to keep reminding myself I was not well - and soon, slowly but surely, little pieces of myself began returning. They are still returning. But at least I can write it down and remember how far I've come from the start of the year.

To anyone who struggles to understand, please do just show empathy - Mental Health problems happen just like any other physical illness happens. It is not imagined, exaggerated, made up, or non - existent. It is real. But kindness and compassion go a long way to helping someone on their way to recovery.

With lots of love and very best wishes to all of you . . . 



Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday magic

I am not sure my words, no matter how descriptive I tried to make them, could ever be complimentary enough to the meadow on a sun kissed, Sunday morning. 

All is well here as I sit amongst my horses happily munching their hay breakfasts, the warm sunlight soaking their fluffy coats. 
It's a little piece of perfection for a country dweller like me. So magical in fact, I just had to share it. 

Happy Sunday . . .

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow ~ Self belief ~

Autumn day inspiration - for when you need skies to be blue ....

' The night can only last for so long. '
Britt Nicole

For courage in darker days. 

 ' I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.'
Anne of Green Gables 

For feeling good about the colder seasons arriving. 

'We're after the same rainbow's end. . .'
Moon River 

For comfort whenever you feel alone.


Nature tells the most wonderful story . . .