Friday, 26 August 2016

A place to be ...

Summer time by the river in our meadow

Down by the river and the little brick bridge

A few hay bales and wooden pallets ~  the riverside jetty 


In true Swallows and Amazons fashion, our days spent in the meadow in summertime consist of creating, fixing, and adventuring. Time stands still and down by the meandering river, under the trees in the water meadow ... everything that is good, safe and precious exists, and all of the troubling, frantic struggles of the big wide world seem so very far away.

Inside the gate, the pace of life is calmer, steadier and less overwhelming. I feel blessed everyday to have such a special place as this to restore imagination and courage.
 If ever I need a little extra boost ... I know where to go.


~ Happy bank holiday weekend ~

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Beauty post ~ from a novice make up wearer!

Fairytails photography day ~ A little make over with a little help

' Beauty is feeling good about who you are ' 

If I am perfectly honest, I am not in any shape or form a make up or beauty expert! I can safely say I am no longer a teenager, but even in those years of my life - whilst always admiring it on others, I never felt truly comfortable applying it to myself. Being most at home in the country, I wear very little in terms of make up, and I even found when the time came to wear it - weddings, important social occasions, you know! -  I would struggle to find a look that felt like ' me '. I would go for a very safe staple look, with the reassurance from my mum and sister (both fabulous at different make up looks!) that I had applied everything correctly and my attempts didn't look too horrendous! 

I truly appreciate there is a real art to make up - it is a wonderful skill - from choosing what to apply, to actually then creating a look that compliments your skin, eyes, smile and hair. 

I find even as a grown up my application of make up is still very simple and I feared for some time that it looked too basic. However, with the exciting and talented world of beauty experts, you tubers and other wonderful outlets - knowing how to do good a job with your carefully selected beauty products is now easier than ever. You can watch, learn, take note and then experiment. And as I am learning, the practise, practise practise is especially good fun! 

In the company of family and good friends, having a beauty transformation can feel a mixture of exciting and nerve-racking! You trust them to work their magic and when you take a look in the mirror, you hope to see a version of yourself that you feel proud of.  It's not about being perfect. It's about feeling good. Just for being you. However...feeling good, and looking good are two very different things! And I have discovered, one often compliments the other!

Some people I know apply make up to feel better about themselves - make up has the power to give us confidence ... some make up is worn as armour or a mask - you can become someone who acts confident, even if you don't feel it. Make up can be worn to make a statement. To hide insecurities. Portray a certain look. To face the world with a smile and say 'I can do this today' 
Its' very powerful in so many ways - and in having a little make up help and advice from those we admire and care about, it actually offers a boost that guides us in feeling better from inside out.

I still very rarely wear make up - in the countryside surrounded by horses, there is very little need - natural and comfy is best and horses are especially accommodating no matter what skin or hair type you possess! But it's lovely to know that thanks to this new social world where beauty is so happily discussed and ideas are shared, people such as the likes of me have learnt to feel that it's okay to have days where you want to feel a little bit pretty, and I've finally learnt to feel comfortable with a make up look that works nicely for me..... it all started from trusting that with or without it,  you're good to go just as you are .... thick lash mascara or simply a little dot of lippy! It's what makes you feel good, from the inside out .... 

With Love 


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Cinderella Story in Summer ~

Fairytails ~  Equine Photography experience ~

~ Summer time meadow moments ~

~ Wild flowers and pretty pink blossom ~

 “I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us ... ”


~ A Little Princess  ~
Frances Hodgson Burnett  

 Courage, kindness and a little bit of magic ...

' Fairytails  '
Equine Photography experience 


Making memories that last happily ever after ...

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The girl behind the blog ~

 A little about me ... 

Just recently I have had some lovely comments from some very kind people, and it left me thinking ... should I share a little bit more about myself on these little blog pages of if anyone does decide they want to flick through my thoughts and adventures - they can at least get to know the girl behind the blog a little better! 


I've touched on a few things as I've typed away these last 8 months - Golly how time flies! - but only just scratching the surface. So...maybe a little more calm and a little more writing on the matter of 'me' is called for here. 


When I started to blog and write ~

In the recent, wonderful adaptation of 'Cinderella' - beautiful Lily James steps out of the carriage and is overwhelmed by the radiant castle before her. 'I am only a girl...not a princess,' she whispers to her enchanted carriage footman. The thought of actually pursuing her dream is quite terrifying at that moment when opportunity lies before her. There is that tiny niggle of self doubt which appears in us all at moments. Believing in yourself is such a tough thing to do. We so easily believe the negative as if it's nearer the truth than being positive....I do wonder why that is sometimes. Cinderella I had a bit of a helping hand to get me started and on my way....My Mum. 

She saw me when I was breaking, my emotions fractured and frayed, too much pressure and overflowing anxiety levels engulfing me, making normal functioning extremely difficult. She saw me. And she saved me. She helped remind me that my life was not about serving others to the point of exhaustion, but rather to be helpful to others whilst creating a life that worked for me...and that I whole-heartily loved. 

I started blogging straight after leaving my job of four years, due to clinical anxiety and depression. My mum saw me. And she believed in me at a time when, like Cinderella, I could not believe in myself. She gave me a chance at steering my life again. And I am becoming a better driver day by day!

Now, Keep Calm and Start Writing and Mindfulness with Horses are out in the big wide world.

My blog writing and I are happy to stay on the shore and just happily watch from a distance, whilst all the other incredible writers jump into the big sea of bloggerdom!

We like where we are ... and are happiest simply admiring the wonderful world of writers and writing which has opened up before us.

Me and my two beautiful ponies

Fun facts !! ~  
* I am a big sister but also a little one - meaning - I am only 4ft 11 ~ 

* I have two beautiful ponies and have ridden since I was 11 years old. I also have
two cats - An angelic kitty cat and a not so angelic kitty cat! But they're precious to me ... 

* I am a Pisces.

* I am an Auntie to a gorgeous nephew.   

* I was home-schooled for my senior school years after completing year 7

* It was from reading an article about Zoella that I discovered the world
of blogging. I remained a spectator for some time and felt very inspired by this
incredible writing world - and Zoella herself!
* I suffer with (and have since a little girl) OCD. GAD and Social Anxiety
this has also evolved into Panic Disorder .... Quite a combo I know! It got worse when I was 17, but
it wasn't so widely accepted and talked about back then (nearly ten years ago - ahh!)
 so I did my best to manage it alone - this year I truly needed some help as the weight of the mental struggles we're becoming extremely heavy, so my family, a very lovely close friend and my excellent doctor stepped in with some much needed support.

* I love Self Help books! (Not so good at applying it to myself...yet!)
* I've only just mastered the courage to put pics of myself on my blog.
Fear, Oh Fear!

* I have Faith.

* I am a country girl.
Meaning I am most at
home when I am surrounded by
 fields of green and
gold - and horses!

* I am a family girl .
Meaning I like being home with my family.
I am not a 'going out' type lady! Unless
it's to the stables!

* I love the song 'There you'll be' by Faith Hill
It's the soundtrack to my beautiful old pony's
farewell video which my dearest friend made for me. Memories
to cherish and keep for always.

* I often dip in and out of  the novel Little Women for inspiration and life advice.
 Their Marmee is like my Mummy.

* I always loved to write since a little girl. I wrote a short children's
story just for family about a naughty pony - My nephew now listens
to his adventures!

* Well, I'll leave it there just now - it's simply a few about me fun facts! 

I hope you enjoyed this ...

' Thank you '

In the meadow in summer time walking my little horse

~ With love ~

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

You are cordially invited ...

 To Fairytails ....

' A beautifully unique 
Equine & Country life photography
Experience '

Simply click above to explore


Reins and Romance  ~ Cinderella moments

~ Enchanted Country Chic ~

~ Country Gal ~

A vintage picnic meadow in summertime

Life can give us many things to feel anxious about sometimes. It seems there is always something to feel a little uncertain about, whether that's to do with ourselves, or those we care about.
But despite the worries floating around our minds, and the niggling stresses that appear day to day, it's ever so important find the simple, sweet moments and revel in them as long we can, so that we have an internal strength and hopeful energy to get us through.

Fairytails ~ Equine and Country life Photography Location ~  is a chance to find and hold on to those precious simple and sweet moments. To create them, and with those loving and lasting memories, bring them to life in photos to cherish forever.
I have always greatly been in admiration of the healing and comfort animals bring to our lives. I am very thankful each and every day to have my horses, and as it happens, they happen to be the best photograph companions a girl could dream of. As we feel the sun on our skin, and the wildflowers tickling our finger tips, the soft muzzles of our beautiful horses picking at the tufts of shooting grass surrounding us - there is a sense of enchantment and dare I say, magic. As the camera silently snaps and sketches our smiles in place, we know that in the meadow and in these moments, we've found a part in our very own fairytale.

~ Fairytails ~
Based in Hampshire, England  

With Love

Monday, 1 August 2016

Memories of July - Lifes little moments

July was very kind to me this year ~ and to actually have the gift of time to truly enjoy summer, made it even more special. I am hoping this August will be equally enjoyable and offer a lot of chances for new memories to be made. 


My favourite moments from July ...
Riding more - worrying less

My little pony and I have conquered so many exciting things so far this summer.
Last year I nearly lost her to a crippling illness - this year, we are cantering up grass hills, tackling little cross country jumps, and cherishing each moment growing stronger in our ground and ridden partnership. 

Our second little horse too is such a kind soul. He is becoming a brave and fearless boy, taking on new adventures with us. He's nearly been with us for one whole year now. He's ours for life. And we are glad to have him.

Family & Friendship

I am at heart a family girl. This summer so far we have spent so much uninterrupted time together. Just being together, having dinner table chats, outings, and hours at the meadow with the ponies - it's so invaluable to be with those you love as much as possible.  Being an auntie stirs so many happy feelings too. We grow closer everyday, my little nephew and I.

I've also discovered what true friendship feels like this year. People who love and care about you just the way you are is so precious. For someone who finds an overwhelming amount of self doubt imploding after social interaction, having lovely people who 'see you' and 'accept you' is just wonderful.

The Future with rose tinted spectacles

I've always believed it's very healthy to hold on to a little bit of magic when looking ahead at the future. Allow yourself to dream, see the best their could be, and imagine how you'd like things to manifest themselves. This passing July, inspiration has flooded the mind of myself, my family and friends. Clarity and time allows access to a bit of breathing space - and with that space - there is the opportunity to let imaginations run wild, and new possibilities and ventures present themselves. 


I have poured my energy into writing since January, when I first clicked publish on my blog posts. I watched for months other bloggers and writers, and admired them whole heartily from a distance - until I gained the courage to try it myself! I am so glad I did. It's something just for me. And has been such a important part of helping me feel like myself again after a desperate time with my emotional well being and mental health.

So...there are just a few little life moments from July. It's worth celebrating everything good I always think, so you can look back and remember fondly, everything that made up the pages of your journey.

Thank you July...

I hope August is kind to you all. 

With Love