Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Country girls just wanna have fun ...

My sister with our handsome boy - Mission impossible aka perry 

Blossom and little me...together we're mighty

Having horses is so much more than simply a hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. A way of life. A responsibility. A job. But best of all....it's the chance to know what true freedom and team work feels like. Except your team mate happens to have four legs! Every day spend in their company is so special. They never fail to teach me, and encourage me...but mostly bring me invaluable amounts of happiness. 

Winston Churchill said 
' there is something about the outside of a horse, which is good for the inside of a man '

I couldn't agree more.

My horsy adventures continue here if anyone feels they'd enjoy exploring...


Recording our adventures and lessons learnt, helps me to safely keep the memories we share from ever fading. 

With love 

Friday, 22 July 2016

In an English Country Garden

Stepping into this beautiful walled garden as the morning sunlight warmed my skin, was a lovely reminder of why stately homes are such enchanting places to visit in the summer months.

Time stands still in places such as these and as you take in the magic and history all around, it's as though you have just walked into your very own Jane Austen novel!


Even my darling nephew found excitement in exploring the grounds, as if he could tell children from years before him played happily in the extensive gardens creating all kinds of adventures.

It seems no matter what age you are, the English country side provides a wonderful source of fun and inspiration for all those who have the courage to seek it!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Life notes ...

Each day I come down to the meadow, to be with my horses and for those few precious moments as I sit amongst the rustling green trees, and the flowing river beyond the paddock -  all is calm, well and just as it should be ....


This time last year, my life felt very different and that beautiful sense that 'all was well' felt far out of my reach.


 When I think back, I realise that my mind was trying to tell me it was not feeling especially well. I needed to change some things. However, I could never find the bravery to take that step.


Sometimes I think we feel almost pressured or programmed even, to carry on out of fear. Fear of letting people down. Fear of what others will say or think. Fear of being perceived as weak... it becomes so easy to ignore simple messages your body is trying desperately to convey to you, and instead, consider every body else and their feelings as priority over your own. I believe this is what I did. And it made my mind extremely muddled emotionally.


I've come to learn over these last few months, that just sometimes, you have to consider that your place in the world, your feelings, your emotions and your life in general - matter just as much as everyone's..and it can be so hard to change the path your on, but when your mind is using up all it's energy to alert you to it's inner pain...then we must  find the courage within to listen and reach for a helping hand to help us change it. I am so glad I did just that. For the little pieces of the frayed edges of my mind are fusing back together again, and on days at the meadow beside my ponies, I feel the healing more than ever.

With love 


Saturday, 16 July 2016

An enchanted flower garden ...

Making wishes. Picnic blankets. Floaty skirts. Flower filled hair. Rose petals. Lace and bunting. Sunny Skies. Birds chorus. Butterfly wings. Secret gardens. Day dreaming. Tea and cake. Friendship. Diary pages. Floral scents. Soft breeze. Gentle words. 

Memories of an enchanted flower garden in summer time ...

Moments to cherish


Friday, 15 July 2016

Beautiful Creatures

Gentle giants ...

Haylage feast ...

Together is a good place to be ...

Lunch time ...

 Auntie adventures at the zoo! As you can see ... I had a soft spot for the Giraffes!


Maybe it was their big beautiful eyes, with soft long lashes - or maybe it was the scent of haylage hanging from the ceiling for them to gently tug at - put together it made me feel like I was home with the horses, and I could have happily watched them contently munch and look down at us inquisitive humans for hours.

All of the beautiful creatures at the zoo today, truly seemed so at peace in their wonderfully crafted enclosures. Such care, thought and knowledge had gone into creating natural habits for these glorious animals. It leaves you feeling warmly reassured that despite the heart breaking madness that seems to engulf the world just now, there is still a lot of kindness and goodness left if you look closely enough - especially amongst the animal kingdom.


Experiencing moments like I did today - with my family and treasured nephew at my side, surrounded by some incredible wild creatures, it shows so movingly that we do still have a truly wonderful world.


 It's still very much there ...

Why, hello ...

Sound a sleep, curled up just as cats should ...

Pink ...

Monday, 11 July 2016

A gentle monday reminder ...

' A little Monday evening encouragement ' 

  Everyone needs a little extra pat on the back and reassurance from time to time . . .


With Love 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Auntie Adventures in Brighton!

This country girl headed to the exciting seaside city of Brighton today ~ A girly day with a little one joyfully running ahead of us to soak up the adventures awaiting in this thriving seaside city. Our photographs of the day share our little moments captured amongst the fun.

Today was a lovely reminder of how having a day of exploring and fun is truly good for the soul and a wonderful way to enjoy mother, sister, friendship and nephew time. I think we will all plan our next expedition very soon....

Ps. We did wonder if we may capture a glimpse of any wonderful you tube locals, sadly no, but our day was truly perfect all the same! The pier, the sea life centre,  the lanes and the glorious tea shops! Another happy day to add to my auntie adventure memories. We didn't feel quite brave enough to share snaps of ourselves tucking into tea and cake....but everything around us was so inspiring to capture. It felt worth documenting here!

With love

Monday, 4 July 2016

For days when self doubt gets a little overwhelming ...

 I hope my mindful adventures with my horses may help somehow . . . 


Emotional well being, and mental health should always be taken as seriously as our physical wellness. Our brains and minds are our control center, and they to need care, rest and recuperation every once in a while  . . . 


Friday, 1 July 2016

Live simply and find your happiness

Live simply and enjoy nature

ride and set yourself free 

' Do what makes your soul happy ' 

~ Author unknown ~ 

Happy Friday ...