Thursday, 31 March 2016

A Dream is a wish your heart makes ~

A pony tale


When I was very young, I held a quiet dream that one day I would have the chance at having my very own stables complete with my very own two ponies. 

Fastened to the pages of my scrapbook, I have a picture I drew as a child of this special dream of mine. 
In this picture, scribbled enthusiastically with pencil and splashed lovingly with colour - two very beautiful ponies share a hay feast together, standing peacefully beside a tree.   


My girls - A childhood dream and an adult treasure

Sometimes I look at these two precious gifts of mine - and have to blink twice to truly believe my dream came true.

Being together

Don't give up on yours ; ) 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter wishes

Faith & family & friends! 


Happy Easter 

* Blossom on the trees
* Daffodils and Tulips
* Ponies losing their fluffy coats
* Early morning sunshine
* Birds nests tucked away on branches

These are a few of my favourite ' spring' things.
 With Love 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sweet Dreams ~ for worriers!

' I dreamed a dream in time gone by ... '
Les Miserables

Many of us value the importance of a good nights rest to reset our mind, body and soul.

Letting go of the events of the day to rest and recharge is something we all need to do, to stay physically and emotionally healthy - yet so many of us struggle to settle in the evenings and close our minds to the worries that seem to have a life of their own as soon as the street lights come on.

 I thought I would share some helpful hints that may just make settling down for sweet dreams a little easier in some way ... 

Message to self: Take note! ; )

Little things that may help calm your thoughts, before drifting off.............

Firstly ...

Before you settle down for the evening - make your room a place of calm and safety as much as you can. Tea lights, soothing music in the background, soft lighting, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations beside your bed, or in a favourite diary - they all can aid a sense of peace and relaxation. 
 ( Feeling the weight of your cat at the end of your bed is also a comfort!)

1) Decorate your dream home in your mind. Fill it with your favourite furnishings. Add your creative touches to every corner. This process focuses on relaxing your breathing and encourages being in the moment.

2) Put worries under your pillow - literally! - write them down, no matter what they may be, and place them safely under your pillow. Letting them go and putting them out of your head and into words, is very therapeutic and allows you to feel you are in control and calmer.

3) A hot milky drink such as hot chocolate, is very warming and filling at bed time and may help you physically settle down into a slower and sleepier state.

4) If worries do invade your thoughts - try not to give them too much attention - a tired mind is always more anxious and often at night we can grow things out of proportion to the real size of the issue. 

5) When faced with a worry, aim to channel it and put a positive outcome in its place. If you feel distressed by any anxious thoughts, write them down, place them under your pillow or confide in someone caring who can help you make sense of what you're feeling and thinking. 

7) Know that you are worthwhile and you matter just as much as everyone else. Try not to let negative thoughts overcrowd your mind - tell yourself you are safe and that you can let go and everything will be okay - believe it deeply as you close your eyes and allow your mind to close itself off from the world, and enter dream land ..... 


It's not easy to surrender to relaxation. It isn't something our bodies can accept very well all the while our thoughts are whirling...but a few simple steps in a positive direction may just help your mind to release it's desire to make sense of everything, and to trust that at bedtime, it really can let go .....

Sweet dreams 

' Goodnight my angel time to close your eyes ' 
Celtic Women

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Old fashioned girl in a very modern world ~

Megan Follows as Anne of Green Gables

 Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I find myself quietly yearning for the time when gentleman stood up when a lady entered the room and please and thank you were spoken with sincerity and not to simply appear polite and courteous.. although people are so wonderfully able to express themselves now more than ever - it seems to me that somewhere along the line, the gentle intricacies of genuine kindness and open communication have been lost? 

Maybe I am being over sensitive but I cannot help but feel desperately hurt when someone takes their mood out on me and the way in which people can so forcefully criticize even the smallest of mannerisms you may have - 
There doesn't seem to be an understanding anymore of what is acceptable and what isn't? 
I very much believe people should listen to their inner voice and be true to themselves without judgement on any level - but I fear this can also mean that people can often forget how they may be affecting others in their pursuit to be 'right'?

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves inside and out, yet the
old fashioned values I admire so deeply in novels and stories seem so far away in the distance ...
People seem to be in such a rush to get to the next chapter of their life, particularly in the world of romance - there is no waiting - it's all hurried along and I am not sure I want to join the rush?
I am not entirely sure what I am trying to say...I think sometimes it just feels as though the quiet ideals that you keep to yourself may be thought of as 'twee' or 'old fashioned' - yet there must be a place for them somewhere? 

I am under no illusions of any kind that life is not without its deep and dark struggles - but then - even fairy tales have their twists and turns so why not try and implement the little precious things that inspire us in these old fashioned tales and bring them to everyday life....

So... send a lovely hand-made thank you card to a beloved friend - appreciate people for who they are and try not to crush them as you go through your day, and gentleman please kindly hold the doors open for us. Try to smile and not stare. Say kind things not coarse words. Express gratitude even for the little things and if someone lets you down, do not be cruel first and thoughtful later - give responses wisely and with tact - keep hold of your power and use it compassionately - for we're all doing the best we can with each little set back, heartbreak, struggle we're facing.
And those good old fashioned values may just make everything so much more bearable...if we do not lose ourselves or them to this very modern world.


Anne Hathaway - Becoming Jane
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett - Pride and Prejudice

With Love Xx

PS: Maybe I am just watching too many Jane Austen adaptations! ; )

Thursday, 17 March 2016

If happy little blue birds fly ...

' You'll remember me when the west wind moves...'

~ Eva Cassidy ~

'I've got a pocketful of sunshine'

~ Natasha Bedingfield ~

' Dear Old World. You are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you '

~ Anne of Green Gables ~

' How can you see places like this, 
and have moments like this and not believe?'

~ A Walk to Remember ~ 

 'Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?'

~ You've Got Mail ~  

Magical moments in the woodland today
and how true these enchanting quotes felt ... 
~ With Love ~

Editing my blog x

Just a few little touches to add a country feel to my blog space here
 ... bringing the outdoors, indoors ...

'She designed a life she loved' 
Author unknown

But what a beautiful idea to follow

Monday, 14 March 2016

Being Brave ...

This weekend I had a very special moment - something my anxiety levels have struggled to let go of since my blog began at the beginning of January.

It may sound silly, but it's a step in the right direction for me and I thought I would record it here to encourage bravery when I have 'overwhelmed days' and 'tearful moments.'

It was such a beautiful sunny Sunday morning that I just knew I had to embrace the opportunity to put on my riding boots and take my 'little horse' ( as I affectionately call her) for a ride ... just us...and the woodland awaiting us outside the meadow gate. 

I have struggled with finding the courage to do this for so long, not because I am scared of my pony or anything like that - but because I am terrified that I may be seen by someone who knows me, and they question my integrity and sincerity. My internal dialogue of fears has spun every possible scenario of something terrible happening in partnership with that....Odd I know ... but these last few months have been very strange indeed.

You see,  I am starting a new chapter and am on a healing mission after a troublesome time with my mental health. I am beginning again and letting go of some things in my life that were causing a quiet but persistent pressure. My aim is to find myself once more and let go of some of the thinking patterns that have led me to be governed by guilt, overwhelmed with living to please others and completely paralysed by the inability to assert myself on any level. I would like to feel like I no longer have to apologise for myself - and clip clopping down the road on my dear little horse was a real milestone moment. We did it together! It was lovely......and no worries crossed my mind. 

At a time when even stepping outside the house is a struggle...I am learning that doing something that makes you come alive when you're on a 'get well journey' yourself, is paramount to your recovery  - you do not have to be ashamed that you're taking your happiness into your own hands and doing what you can to feel okay - we are all responsible for our own lives.

Last year I nearly lost my little horse to a devastating illness - it was touch and go - and my Summer was spent desperately trying to get her well again, aided by the kind help of the vets and my trusted farrier. ( A snippet of this emotional time I have recorded on one of my previous posts ) 

So as you can imagine - to ride her again out in the spring sunshine was indeed a dream come true - and she carried me fearlessly and made me feel just the same ... fearless and very brave!

I helped her heal last year...
and I have such a deep and strong feeling, that this year...she is going to do the same for me ....

Friday, 11 March 2016

Believe you can and you're half way there ...

I got home today to find this lovely uplifting message (and gift ) waiting for me ... 

Believing in yourself is never an easy thing to achieve - it may go in waves - one day you feel as though you can reach your dreams and you feel worthwhile and strong and valued. The next day, a simple disapproving look from someone can make you lose heart in everything special that makes you - you. 

It's tough to master. 

Having a loving support system around you does wonders to foster glowing self esteem and confidence, but the most difficult struggle is to believe in yourself when no one else does.

This a very steep hill to climb...

Thankfully, the non believers I have experienced in my life so far have come from outside my family, and not within it...yet for some people even their own family forget that a gentle smile of reassurance or a kind word can mean the difference between giving someone their wings, and taking them away. do we believe in ourselves and believe we can - when no one else does?

 I have gathered a few life lessons here to share in hopes they may offer some inspiration and comfort to anyone who has forgotten how important they are ...

1. Your Dreams belong to you
Okay, so not everyone will understand why you happen to love that project, that person, that goal so much - but it's yours - not theirs. And if it's special to you...that is all that truly matters so put your heart and soul into it - and steadily let go of the need for approval.

2. Like & Love
Self Love isn't about vanity. It's about compassion for yourself. This is an area that I am sure all of us battle with in some form. We admire others and then so often find we are comparing everything about ourselves against them...soon that question creeps into our thoughts ' Am I good enough.' 
I am not sure I can wave a magic wand and instantly encourage anyone to like or even love themselves, but I found this quote once upon a time and I thought it said it all beautifully. And I just hope you know there is so much to like and love about who you are...if you just allow yourself the chance to trust it.

'When admiring someone elses beauty
do not question your own.' 
author unknown

3. Acceptance
Love and appreciate all your qualities, and try not to be too hard on yourself. We tend to believe what other people think of us, as if their opinion is the correct one - they are not you - therefore it simply isn't correct to place their views ahead of your own sense of who you are. 

Have a little faith. Faith in your abilities and faith in your dreams, faith in the good of others and faith that there is somehow, someway something good on your side, encouraging you on and believing in you...always.

Thank you ...

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With Love 

Mindfulness with horses

A nice moment today shared 
on my Mindfulness with Horses website ...

~ 11/3/16 ~

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mothers Day Creations Xx

Sometimes the nicest way to say 'I love you' is by showing someone - and if pockets are empty, getting the creative juices flowing can end up being such  a special way to show you care - with a personal touch lovingly bestowed upon your project - even the smallest of gestures is sure to say a very big ' I love You ' ...  

 A lovely idea for a Happy Mothers Day gift or birthday pressie
from little ones!

(Created Courtesy of my darling nephew!)

~ Children's hand print bunting ~
Lovely hand print bunting

 All you will need:
* A4 Card
* Basic Paint set/brush
*Hole puncher
*Paper plates
*Willing to get a bit messy! 

For the hand print bunting - painting aprons at the ready!

* Simply choose your favourite colour paint and pour a nice amount onto your paper plate.
* Press hand(s) into the paint - and carefully lift it out to reveal a colourful hand!
* Taking your card, press your hand onto the card firmly, and wait a few moments before gently lifting it away - There should be lovely bright colourful hand print before you on the card!
* Repeat with different colours up to ten times or more until your piece of card is covered with hand prints.

After washing off messy hands & waiting for the prints to dry ..

* Cut out the prints carefully from the card
 * Hole punch each print, upon the third finger
* Gather your ribbon/string - make sure it is a good length ( so it can drape nicely when hung )
*Gently slide each hole punched hand print onto the string - carefully placing the string through the holes of each print
* Once all the prints are hanging upon the string - it is ready to be hung somewhere for instant colourful, hand- made (literally!) decoration bunting.. Hooray!

My hands are always around your heart ...

Hands around your heart 
~ home-made card ~

All you will need:
All the of the above 
 & *Pink A4 card
*Blank card

plus some imagination ... 

For creating this beautiful card -

* Using your pink piece of card, simply draw a heart shape and cut it out. 
*Stick the pink card heart on your blank card, in the centre.
*Having already done the messy bit - take two of your hand print cut outs and stick those around the outside of your heart - the picture should help!
* There you go ... the rest is up to you to create a beautiful touching message inside. 

If you are stuck ... you may like this ' My hands are always around your heart ' 

My wonderful mum created these assisted by my nephew, for his mummy - they now hang proudly in his nursery : )

I hope you like them.

With love Xxx 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mindfulness 'With Horses in mind' Xx

 Horse Quotes ...


" They lend us wings so we may fly .."  
" The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears .. "
" A horse is a mirror to your soul .. " 

" There is something about the outside of a horse, which is good for the inside of a man.."

Horses give you courage when you do not feel very brave ~ they offer calm and peace because they always live in the moment ~  and waking up each day knowing there is a beautiful creature eagerly awaiting your arrival ~ is sure to ease any anxiety about facing the day ahead ... 

That's the reason they are special to me.

With Love xx

Friday 'Feel Good Quote'

Pick up those hooves - and live for the moment! 
* Author Unknown *

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Because your dreams need you to believe in them  . . .

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spring Forwards! xxx

Spring ~

Spring is a time when new life begins again. Blossoms appear on the trees, daffodils emerge - that instant shine of yellow, dotted about the countryside, is a positive reminder that Spring is nearing.

I think, as Spring is all about new life and starting's an excellent opportunity for us to begin a new chapter of our own.

We can dust off the cobwebs from Winter and spring clean our minds for a fresh beginning. As the daylight lasts longer in the evenings, and the sky is lovely shades of blue ...there is a very uplifting transformation happening right before our eyes...almost encouraging us to follow suit...and do the same!

I thought I would share a few helpful hints to keep you in good spirits as this beautiful season unfolds...

* Re-evaluate *

After a long winter of heavy rainfall, cloudy days, darker evenings and mornings - many of us find our energy and mindset a little more forlorn and lacking in positivity. Spring can be a wonderful chance to awaken all that makes us special, and remember what matters to us, what we are aiming for, what we would like to happen, and how we're going to get there! One step at a time, take your hopes, dreams and fears out of the drawer where you've safely locked them away - and simply admire them. See what you gravitate towards and what ignites light within you - now is the time to make some changes and make your happiness a priority - careful planning, and deep thinking about what you could to do to get your dreams out of the drawer and into your reality, will be the start of your new chapter.

* Be True To You *

It is always important to be entirely true to yourself, as you venture through your own journey. Being true to your values, your ideals and the way in which you do the things which concrete who you are, all bring a sense of peace and self acceptance ... which encourages confidence. Think about all the areas in your life...and make sure each area is bringing you that reassurance and self esteem that you are good enough just as you are. This will no doubt encourage some changes...but by filtering out unhealthy habits, situations and dare I say people - will only serve to make you feel better and sincerely true to yourself.

* Re-invent yourself *

Following on from being true to you - Spring provides a wonderful opportunity to try new things and give yourself a chance to be brave and experiment with moving out of your comfort zones. Let go of old unhealthy habits, and foster those 'feel good' emotions. A new hairstyle, new job, taking up a new hobby, meeting new like-minded people - new dreams....start afresh at something....adding something new and worthwhile to your life is a perfect way to re-invent a healthy, happy new you. Even simply wearing a favourite item of clothing. Changing your routine and setting new goals will all give a spring in your step! Whatever feels right - reach for it.

" Dreams "
from Peter Pan 

...' We put them in a drawer, and late at night we take them out to admire them ... but it gets harder and harder to close the drawer' .....

A beautiful sentiment.... but do strive to keep your dreams out in the fresh air of Spring. Give them a chance to become your reality and start a new chapter Xxx

Everyone deserves to be happy ...
With love xxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Animal angels


Calm & serene - Horses are always in the moment - We can learn so much from them

Every moment I spend with my beautiful herd restores me in mind, body and soul


Moments of Calm ~

" Coffee & Candles " ~  Peace

Creating moments of calm throughout your day can really encourage positive mental health and emotional well being. It's tough at moments to consider doing something kind for yourself ... we can often feel uncomfortable about taking a few minutes of our own -

I am beginning to learn and understand the value in it and the importance we must place on ...

A) Taking care of ourselves.
B) Gathering our strength. Resting our bodies.
C) Allowing time to settle any worries in our mind.
D) It's okay to press pause - It's not selfish - and if someone tutts and rolls their eyes or resents you having to say 'no' just for a short time - then it probably means they need to follow the 'be kind to yourself' routine too! 

To take care of those that need us - we must be strong ourselves - and a few moments throughout the day to recharge is invaluable in helping us be at our best - We can then give the best of who we are to others with a healthy, nurtured spring in our step. 

With Love Xxx 

Our Favourite place xx

There is so much more to 'home' then just being at the place where you live, sleep, cook ... To some, home is wherever their loved ones reside or wherever their family is. To others it might be in the arms of a best friend....or perhaps a special location that holds wonderful childhood

Some find it when they come back to their house after a busy day, and are enveloped with warmth and security by a place to call their others it is simply a dream worth striving towards...sometimes it's as simple as a safe roof over your head, with a clean, dry place to sleep. 

Maybe your home is wherever you feel most at peace ...

We all innately search for a place to call home ~ even within ourselves...that moment when everything connects inside of your heart/mind and an overwhelming feeling reassures you that .... 'You're happy. You've found yourself. It feels right. This is what you are supposed to be doing...' 

  That is when there is no place, no feeling and no favourite moment other than...being home ...