Lovely to meet you . . .

My story

Just recently I had some lovely comments from some very kind people, and it left me thinking should I share a little bit more about myself on these little blog pages of mine? So if anyone does decide they want to flick through my thoughts and adventures - they can at least get to know the girl behind the blog a little better! 
I've touched on a few things as I've typed away these last 8 months - Golly how time flies! - but only just scratching the surface. So, maybe a little more calm and a little more writing on the matter of who I am, is called for here!

Here is a little of my story so far . . . 
When I started to blog and write ~
In the recent, wonderful adaptation of 'Cinderella' - beautiful Lily James steps out of the carriage and is overwhelmed by the radiant castle before her. 'I am only a girl...not a princess,' she whispers to her enchanted carriage footman. The thought of actually pursuing her dream is quite terrifying at that moment when opportu…

A country girls dream

Today I watched my ponies from within my cosy tack room and all felt well with the world once more. Safety is a warming feeling we get within our very soul, yet it can so easily be stripped away from us when something untoward happens . . . today,  my meadowcat sits beside me, snuggled upon his chair, occasionally looking up with an affectionate gaze for a soft head scratch from my obliging hand, reminding me that all is well and good here. Simply trust it.

Every so often the ponies catch sight of me and their ears twitch in my direction, followed by a soft, snorting chuckle in acknowledgment to my presence.

 It is cold outside and our meadow is loosing it’s warm summer glow, replaced by fallen leaves which carpet the ground, and bare patches forming in the branches of the ash, field maple and hazel trees.

The view of woodland beyond is golden and brown and the footpath is showing patches of mud and puddles for jumping in - or trotting through if the ponies decide a quick pace is in…

A special place . . .

There is very little it seems that is not made better by a stroll in nature, a moment's breathing space in the countryside, where time stands still and the hustle and bustle of life fades into the birdsong.  Shimmering falling leaves spin to the ground, and the seasons changing rhythm carefully encourages you to dance along with it. The mornings are crisp. The nights dark and cold. But the sunsets are something special and the sunrises beautifully uplifiting to our tired souls. 
Early morings in the meadow, hot coffee in chilly hands, warm pony snuggles and kitty paws jumping onto my lap . . . To me, this is precious wrapped in a pretty box just for me.
 It seems whatever is going on in my mind or outside of it, coming back to my sanctuary, the little pocket of wildflowers now forlorn, my hazel tree, sheltering field maple and trusty river jetty - these natural beauties in the meadow I call my second home, are the best therapy anyone could hope for. 
Everything is made better her…

Chapter 10 ~ Sweet self belief in October

Isn't it amazing how just like that, Autumn begins to take it's rightful place. October greets us with conkers, falling leaves and fluffy pony coats, and then we whisper farewell to the transitional month that is September.
There is a gentle force at work which turns the seasons round each year . . . Greenery fades away, mud surfaces and all the pretty colours of summer transform to orange,  gold and brown.
We often change our colours too at this time of year. That need for warmth and cosiness takes hold; slow and steady is needed now, not staying up with the sunlight way into the late evening.  Our clothes soften from bright and sun kissed to eathy and snuggly. And so, October moves us into Autumn with a swift yet gentle awakening.  
The little lamp at my bedside table goes on that bit earlier now, filling my room with those warming Autumn colours we all adore so much. I come in from my little world of fading green and muddy boots, residue from Meadow life, and am comfor…

A muddle of dreams come true

' I believe that animals listen and speak to us if we only have the ear for it. That's how we learn to look after them. ' 
~ Cinderella ~  2015 film 

' We don't whisper things to horses, we just listen to them. ' 
~ Heartland ~ 

' The secret to talking is listening '
~ We bought a zoo ~ 

' Horses can sense your heart beat. It speaks to them and they can read it's rhythm beating back '
~ Author unknown ~ 

My life is closely entwinned with animals. And just recently they have filled up my hands aswell as my heart.

It is in these moments that my little blog here becomes a little quiet. And it is these moments, when reflection sets in . . .yet,

When I doubt myself, I find someone kind has left a lovely comment quite unexpectedly on my blog pages. . .

When I'm unsure of something, I find a blog pop up on my feed that is so reasurring, I know longer feel like I'm quite so different or alone in a small way with a matter.

And, so lovely of …

Favourite simple moments ~


Opening up - a written life in nature

Sometimes it's good to look back and smile - and sometimes it's lovely to share with those who understand . . .

My life in nature

My passion and venture

Snippets of my journey
Taking back my dreams 
Mental health and me

 *  It's always a little uneasy to share little bits of yourself, but this last year has taught me that the right people will understand and empathise. 
It's a good launch pad to remind yourself every so often of how far you've come. And I am discovering that the more you let others in, the more you find those who say 'me too' . . . 
So, I thought I'd open the pages to some of my journal entries from Bridie's Meadow.
I think we can all say how our blogs, no matter how big or small their place on the Internet maybe, are our own little escapes to delve into when ever we need to retreat. 
It's a therapy. It's a creative outlet. It's a hobby.  It's an open window into who you are and what we're feeling. 
It's openi…

Be gentle to yourself